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Mega Muscles Stack
Mega Muscles Stack
Mega Muscles Stack
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Mega Muscles Stack

Mega Muscles™
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This stack features the following products:

  • A new generation of Pre-Workout - Pre-Workout+
  • An excellent quality flavored 4-Andro liquid - 4-Androgin
  • An excellent quality flavored 1-Andro liquid - 1-Androgin
  • A 1-Andro, 4-Andro and epicatechin stack

It helps the following muscle building processes:

  • Dramatically skyrocket two different types of testosterone level (including free testosterone)
  • Dramatically skyrocket your ultimate strength
  • Dramatically skyrocket your nitric oxide level - PUMP
  • Increase the muscle's vascularity
  • Optimize the water retention level to achieve a well-balanced gain
  • Improve male sexual characteristics
  • Improve skeletal muscle structure
    • To have better "LOOKING" for your muscle
  • Reduce your Myostatin level
    • Myostatin is a category of protein that can slow down your muscle growth
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Increase well-being and boost libido
  • Increase the rate of fat decomposition, so that lean muscle growth happens faster
  • Enhance Athletic Performance

It is the most affordable and finest quality 1-Andro 4-Andro Stack available today for MEGA MUSCLES GAIN because of both wet and dry gain benefits offered from this stack! You will have very balanced water content for your muscles. Please don't forget you need a PCT after 90 days on this stack if you want full effect.

Mega Muscles customer satisfaction
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