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Product Information

4-Androgin is a potent anabolic precursor to testosterone that accelerates significant mass gaining rate. The main ingredient, 4-DHEA, is uniquely efficient due to its fast conversion pathway, transforming into testosterone. The superior conversion rate makes itself over twice as effective as regular DHEA.

Unlike other prohormones with thermogenic properties that burn calories, 4-DHEA retains calories more effectively, supporting greater strength gains, improved recovery after training, increased lean muscle size growth, and overall weight gain.

  • Superior strength and recovery
  • Mild estrogen conversion
  • Enhance muscle size
  • Appetite simulation
  • Improve overall male characteristics
4-Andro Liquid

Use only in bulking cycle.

Each vial contains 30 mL of supplements, sufficient for 30 days. Shake well and take 1 mL daily before workouts. On rest days, continue with 1 mL daily. For maximum effectiveness, take 1 mL in the morning, afternoon, and evening, not exceeding 3 mL per day. Administer orally, avoiding contact with the tongue to minimize the warming sensation. For optimal absorption, take on an empty stomach.

Ensure proper hydration, protein, and amino acid intake daily. Use for up to 3 months only. Afterward, use products from our PCT Series to restore natural testosterone production, prevent muscle loss and estrogen conversion.

Versatility: Testosterone supports both anabolic (muscle building) and androgenic (secondary sexual characteristics) effects.

Aromatization: Testosterone can convert to estrogen, which can cause water retention.

Widely Use: Testosterone is widely used for both medical treatments and performance enhancement due to its balanced effects on muscle growth and overall male characteristics.

Learn more about prohormones here.

Comparison of DHEA isomers
Table 1. Comparison of Prohormone Supplement
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