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Mega Muscles™
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Our world's 1st Pre-Workout+ is a market-leading new next generation of pre-workout dietary supplement in the market. According to our extensive product testing and scientific studies, it can activate the maximum energy, focus, performance, pump, blood circulation that you require during an intense workout to next level.

Pre-Workout+ features the following benefits over the traditional Pre-Workout:

    • Luxury
      • A sandblasted anodized finish aluminum, space-optimized, light weight, and highly premium reusable container
    • Affordability
      • It only costs $0.1 per gram and three premium ingredients are also included for giving you extra pump per serving
        • (+)-Catechin
        • (-)-Epicatechin (Epicat)
        • Trans-resveratrol
    • Quality
      • 100% no any clumping
      • Excellent flavor

With this product formulation of ingredients, it provides:

  • Maximum Pump
  • Optimum Energy and Focus
  • Optimum Performance and Endurance
  • Elevate Muscle Recovery Speed
  • Improve skeletal muscle structure
    • To have better "LOOKING" for your muscle
  • Reduce your Myostatin level
    • Myostatin is a category of protein that can slow down your muscle growth


Take 3 scoops with 8-12 fl oz of water before 20 minutes of your workout.

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