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Product Information

1-Androgin is the king of a prohormone supplement for lean muscle growth, its ingredient is widely recognized by athletes that can rapidly develop lean muscles to the peak level. The compound belongs to the derivatives of naturally occurring hormones in the body, which is the precursor of natural 1-testosterone for getting hard and top strength of muscles along with increased aggression.

1-testosterone level becomes lower as age increases, making it easier to gain weight but harder to build muscles. This prohormone has a lot of similarities with males' natural hormone, but there are also some differences with major benefits. Since it belongs to the prohormone, it can avoid hormonal imbalance. The body will react itself according to the required content.

The conversion of 1-DHEA becomes the hormone "1-testosterone", which is highly needed for lean muscle growth. Therefore, 1-Androgin is more suitable for who is over the age of 30.

1-Andro Liquid

  • Increase the hormones "1-testosterone" level, which is the hormones that 30+ years old people in need for. It is one of the important elements for rapid muscle development.
  • Increase the obviousness of the distribution of blood vessels on the muscles for giving a feeling of "aggression" to the muscle.
  • Increase muscular mass and increase strength.
  • Increase the rate of fat decomposition, so that lean muscle growth happens faster.
  • Reduce the muscle recovery time after excessive workout.
  • Enhance Athletic Performance

1-Androgin can give you great result in both bulking and cutting cycle. So you can take it whenever you're on bulking and cutting cycle.

The truth is that traditional supplements could not allow you to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. Instead, 1-Androgin helps in developing 100% lean muscle mass with minimum water retention!

It belongs to the "pre-hormones", need to go through two stages Enzyme-catalyzed reaction and then be transformed into hormones, so it won’t cause hormonal imbalance. After the hormone "1-testosterone" content increases, it will assist fat burning, muscle protein synthesis, reduce protein breakdown and strengthen muscles.

Comparison of DHEA isomers
Table 1. Comparison of DHEA isomers

Each vial contains 30 mL of supplements that are good for 30 days. Please shake well and take a dropper size (approximately 1 mL) before working out every day. It is also required on rest days. Depending on users' preference, take 1 mL at the morning, 1 mL at the afternoon and 1 mL at the nighttime to achieve maximum effectiveness of the product. Please don't exceed 3 mL daily. Take it orally or sublingually (recommended). The absorption rate will be highest if taking it on an empty stomach sublingually.

Besides enough workout, taking a lot of water, enough protein and amino acid every day are required. Since the effect of 1-Androgin can increase bioavailable 1-testosterone level, your body will reach to the optimal level of bioavailable 1-testosterone. Therefore, the recommended period of use is two to three months.

When the hormones in the body have increased to a sufficient level, it is necessary to use our products in the PCT Series to boost your natural testosterone reproduction and prevent muscle loss.