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Product Information

19-Nor-Androgin is a highly effective and non-liver toxic prohormone supplement for losing weight, reducing adipose tissue, increasing endurance, acting as the best anti-aging supplement, and increasing red blood cell production (cell growth). It is the legal and strongest prohormone supplement for dramatically improving physical performance in all areas; its mechanism functions similarly to a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs). If you are looking for thigh muscle building, this is the only choice for you today legally. As the most potent legal lean muscle growth supplement, it accelerates your gains while causing no side effects.

Because of its highly selective simulation of skeletal muscle growth, it has relatively weak androgenic properties, making it the most powerful and effective lean muscle growth supplement for both male and female users today. Its 19-Nor-Dehydroepiandrosterone (19-Nor-DHEA) compound is a derivative of naturally occurring hormones in the body that serves as a precursor to natural 19-nortestosterone (Nandrolone) for increasing athletic physical performance. It has no any estrogen conversion.

This 19-nortestosterone is only found in wild boar meat (about up to 3.6 μg/kg). Because 19-Nor-Androgin is highly concentrated with this precursor, you can naturally increase your physical performance by producing a lot more 19-nortestosterone content.

4-Andro Liquid


  • Skyrocket physical performance
  • Increase muscle quality and quantity (including thigh muscle)
  • Cornea healing benefit
  • Increase bone mass density - Prevent osteoporosis
  • Appetite simulation
  • Red blood cell production - Promote tissue growth and repair
  • Retard degenerative processes - Slow down the aging process

19-Nor-Androgin can give you greatest gain in bulking and cutting cycle. So you can take it when you're running on a bulking or cutting cycle.

19-Nor-Androgin is a 19-Nor-Andro liquid with pleasant flavor, perhaps best known as a athletic performance enhancing supplement in the current workout supplement market.

19-Nor-Androgin is a "pre-hormone" that must go through two stages of Enzyme-catalyzed reaction before it can be converted into a hormone. Because the reaction is triggered by the user's needs and metabolic rate, it does not cause hormonal imbalances like other testosterone booster products. When the hormone "19-nortestosterone" content rises, it aids in muscle development and strength, yielding a very healthy and promising result without seriously interfering with your natural testosterone reproduction!


Each vial contains 30 mL dosage of supplements that are good for 30 days. Please shake well and take a dropper size (approximately 1 mL) before working out every day. It is also required on rest days. Depending on users' preference, take 1 mL at the morning, 1 mL at the afternoon and 1 mL at the nighttime to achieve maximum effectiveness of the product. Please don't exceed 3 mL daily. Take it orally and avoid letting the droplets contact the tongue to minimize the warming sensation. The absorption rate will be highest if taking it on an empty stomach.

Besides enough workout, taking a lot of water, enough protein and amino acid every day are required. Since the effect of 19-Nor-Androgin can increase bioavailable testosterone level, your body will reach to the optimal level of bioavailable testosterone. Therefore, the recommended period of use is two to three months.

When the hormones in the body have increased to a sufficient level, it is necessary to use our products in the PCT Series to boost your rate of natural testosterone production back to the normal and prevent muscle loss.

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