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What to Eat Before A Workout for Weight Loss

What to Eat Before A Workout for Weight Loss

what to eat before workout to lose weight
Figure 1. What to Eat Before A Workout for Weight Loss

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Poor eating habits could be preventing you from losing the extra kilos that are keeping you away from your weight goal. Poor eating habit doesn't just means eating unhealthy or overeating, but also under eating and dieting for weight loss is also equally wrong. First of all, you need to realize that eating is also necessary for weight loss, and you need to work upon the food items that will help you cut out the fat.

You can make it even better if you eat certain ingredients before the workout as such items will provide you with enough energy for exercising and act as an agent that makes the body fat easier to cut. This can include natural food items or supplements like 1-Androgin, a highly metabolic supplement for weight loss, speed up recovery and gain muscles simultaneously.

Fat Burning Foods – To Be Eaten Before Weight Loss Workout

Fat Burning Foods
Figure 2. Fat Burning Foods

One might claim that a weight loss diet should be free from carbohydrates and only protein is necessary for a pre-workout diet. But to complete a workout efficiently, you would require carbohydrates more than anything, which should be complex to produce the energy needed for completing the exercise. Protein is not easily breakable and needs time to supply energy, but carbs are quickly broken inside the body to supply instant energy.

Still, this does not mean that you can go easy on carbs, but you should limit it to an amount that is sufficient for the workout and not excessive. A balanced pre-workout meal can include the following food items to maintain the calorie limits while providing all required nutrition.

  • Protein bars with the adequate calorie count that you are allowed to eat are good pre-workout food that will give you all nutrition required during the workout and after the training.
  • Nuts can be eaten before a workout as they contain simple fat, which is a source of slow energy. Make sure you control and measure the proper serving of nuts for calorie count.
  • Bananas are the most favourable food item for workout and are just the right pre-workout food as it has the potassium and glucose. Also, banana oxidation capabilities let your blood vessels open up more and pump you during the workout.
  • Fat-free smoothies or Greek yoghurt can also be taken before the workout as they are packed with proteins from the berries, and you can also add chia seeds to the meal for pre-workout.

The food items mentioned above can have several nutrients and varying calorie count; thus, you should consult your paediatrician or diet planner regarding the amounts of these items you can intake before the workout. Avoid taking food like soft drinks, white bread, beans etc., as they contain refined carbs and not complex carbs. For weight loss, you should only take complex carb food that will only work to provide energy and not weight gain.

Understanding The General Facts Regarding Weight Loss Diet

Any weight loss meal, pre or post-workout, should contain less fat and only limited calories but needs all other macronutrients that are essential for the proper functioning of the body. Beginning with glucose, a pre-workout diet can contain enough glucose that will produce a sufficient amount of energy for exercise.

Whenever you consume fat, it takes more than 4 hours to digest glucose, and protein-digesting time is around 3hrs while it takes 2hrs to digest carbohydrates. You can now conclude what type of food should you take before the workout, and the closer you are to training, the fewer calories you should be taking.

When we exercise, the blood is rushed towards the part involved in the workout, and if we eat food, the blood runs towards the stomach. Therefore, we should avoid doing both things simultaneously, and an adequate gap should be there between these tasks.

What If You Avoid A Pre-Workout Meal Or Exercise With An Empty Stomach?

What to Eat Before A Workout for Weight Loss
Figure 3. Exercise With An Empty Stomach

When we exercise, our body calls for several nutrients like glucose, sugar, carbs, or you can say instant energy to perform all workout activities. This energy can only be derived from food or the muscle tissues presented in our body. If you exercise on an empty stomach, your body will put more strain on the muscles tissues and absorb the required energy from the tissues.

This will deteriorate your health as your tissue will be broken instead of burning fat, and if you lose weight this way, it means you lost the muscle mass and not the fat that was supposed to be removed. So, one should never exercise with an empty stomach and try to eat or at least drink milk or have a banana before workout.

Some Food Items That One Should Not Include In A Pre-Workout Meal

A pre-workout meal has to be easily digestible, and it is essential that the meal you had before the workout is broken down, digested and the nutrients are absorbed before you begin exercising. Otherwise, it will feel like weighing you down during exercising and decrease your rate of productivity. People often prepare a heavy fruit or milkshake with several ingredients to consume before a workout without understanding any of the ingredients' digestion rate.

Avoid taking fried food, carbonated drinks, beans, cabbage, cauliflower etc., before the workout as they take time to digest and therefore interfere with your exercise.

You should avoid doing that and only consume light and digestible food items or smoothies before working out. And, if you do not have any pre-workout food item available, you can use 1-Androgin, which is a pre-workout supplement that needs to be consumed orally or sublingually through the dropper. 1 mL of this supplement would be enough to take before a workout. One should not exceed 3 mL daily.

Taking this supplement, your body will achieve adequate bioavailable 1-testosterone, which will support in gaining lean muscles and getting rid of unwanted fat rapidly. You should consume enough water when using this supplement and only take this during your cutting cycle; however, this can also help in the bulking cycle.

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