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Epicatechin Supplement: Buying Guides, Stack, Benefits, Side effects, and Dosage

Epicatechin Supplement

Epicatechin supplement (front)
Epicatechin supplement (back)
Figure 1. Click here to check out (–)-Epicatechin powered Pre-Workout - Pre-Workout+

Traditional epicatechin supplements come in pill/tablet/capsule form and must be purchased and ingested separately with pre-workout in order to generate an extra "pump" effect and additional workout benefits.

Instead, Pre-Workout+ contains a high amount of (–)-epicatechin and other essential ingredients in a single product.

Buying guideline for (-)-epicatechin supplements

When shopping for (–)-epicatechin supplement, buyers should be careful of the content (purity) of the compounds present in the supplement. A poor quality epicatechin supplement lacks high purity content as well as the negative symbol "(–)" indicating the optical activity of the stereoisomer's chemical structure. YOU MAY PURCHASE A “COUNTERFEIT” EPICATECHIN SUPPLEMENT IF THEY ARE NOT LISTED ON THE SUPPLEMENT FACT OF THE LABEL.

Buying (–)-epicatechin

A high-quality (–)-epicatechin supplement should include at least 90% purity of (–)-epicatechin. However, due to chemical oxidation throughout the production process, exceeding 95% is quite difficult. Mega Muscles' (–)-epicatechin supplement, on the other hand, approaches more than 95% purity of the component. The purity result produced from the Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrum can be given at customer request for large volume orders.

(–)-Epicatechin powered Pre-Workout is a new type of epicatechin supplement that is coupled with standard pre-workout with high affordability, luxury and quality; thus, it is referred to as "Pre-Workout+." Pre-workout+ also mixes with the (–)-epicatechin stereoisomer, (+)-catechin.

(–)-Epicatechin bodybuilding

With the presence of both compounds, it can provide a dual additional "PUMP" effect for users to advance to the next level. Furthermore, it contains another premium substance, Trans-resveratrol, which is derived from grape skin. It has the ability to reduce blood vessel stiffness. As a result of the triple impact of (–)-epicatechin, (+)-catechin, and resveratrol, the pump administered at each serving will have an ever-increasing effect.

(–)-Epicatechin half life

(–)-Epicatechin (EC) is found in a variety of foods, including tea leaves, apples, pears, and cocoa. It is commonly found in tea alongside (–)-Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) and (–)-epigallocatechin (EGC) and is then chemically separated. These substances' half-life in the body are ranked as follows:


EGCGt1/2 > EGCt1/2 > ECt1/2

(–)-Epicatechin stack

(–)-Epicatechin has recently become a popular supplemental compound to stack with other lean muscle building supplements, such as 5-alpha-hydroxy-laxogenin, to increase effectiveness for lean muscle building process.

Laxogenin and Epicatechin Stack

Laxogenin and (–)-Epicatechin Stack
Figure 2. Click here to check out laxogenin and (–)-epicatechin stack

Lean Muscle Stack by Mega Muscles is a laxogenin and (–)-epicatechin stack. In the Pre-Workout+, there is a combination of 100 mg/ml laxogenin liquid and 500 mg/per serving (–)-epicatechin supplement. In terms of oral bioavailability, it is the finest quality, excellent tasting, and most cost-effective laxogenin and (–)-epicatechin stack available today. Please keep in mind that liquid supplements have higher bioavailability than other forms since the supplement ingredients have smaller droplet sizes for quicker absorption.


(–)-Epicatechin is a well-studied chemical with several anti-oxidant properties. It is always said in the exercise or bodybuilding process that it can improve the outcome of the training by increasing peak anaerobic power, anaerobic capacity, and reducing fatigue.

As a nitric oxide precursor (as known as eNOS)

It stimulates endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) and nitric oxide generation in endothelial cells via calcium dependent/independent eNOS activation. As a result, (–)-Epicatechin is also known as a "nitric oxide precursor."

Assist the muscle building process

Numerous academic investigations have demonstrated that (–)-epicatechin has substantial evidence of having characteristics that aid in muscle development. The explanation for this is that it can lower myostatin and β-galactosidase levels. Myostatin is a protein found in muscle cells that inhibits muscle cell development.

Does (–)-epicatechin work?

Consuming 1 mg/kg bodyweight of (–)-epicatechin for 7 days increased bilateral grip strength by around 7% and resulted in a favorable shift in the follistatin-to-myostatin ratio. As a result, the usage of (–)-epicatechin supplements to inhibit myostatin activity has emerged as a new trend as a dietary supplement to promote muscle growth.

Treatment of hypertension

(–)-Epicatechin supplementation can increase circulatory nitric oxide bioavailability by preventing the development of arterial hypertension in the left cardiac ventricle, resulting in a nitric oxide dependent vasorelaxation effect. As a result, it improves erythrocyte deformability.

Assistance in combating Type 1 diabetes and obesity

(–)-Epicatechin supplementation has been shown to have appetite suppressant properties. It aids in weight loss and the reduction of food intake in people on a high-fat diet. It, on the other hand, benefits Type 1 diabetes by increasing plasma insulin levels while decreasing glycosylated hemoglobin concentrations and mean arterial pressure.

Side effect

There have been no reported side effects by any users, according to numerous research-based clinical studies. (–)-Epicatechin supplement is a source of abundant flavonoid in cacao, which is a group of polyphenolic compounds with a well-known safety profile. As a result, it is a novel, risk-free, and effective bodybuilding dietary supplement for lean muscle development processes.


At a dose of 1 mg/kg, studies show that bodyweight can be reduced with a higher rate of fat burning, while 100 mg daily for 3 months can help patients with type 2 diabetes and heart failure. Furthermore, the effect of (–)-epicatechin is dose and time dependent, ranging from 10 minutes at 1 μmol/L. Therefore, the more you consume, the more effective it becomes.

The pre-workout+ from Mega Muscles contains 3000 mg L-Citrulline, 3000 mg L-Arginine, 1500 mg beta alanine, 1000 mg D-Glucurono-Gamma-Lactone, 1000 mg L-Tyrosine, 1000 mg Taurine, 500 mg (+)-catechin, 500 mg (–)-epicatechin, 350 mg caffeine anhydrous, 250 mg theobromine, 50 mg Astragin®, and 25 mg trans-resveratrol. The total weight of each serving is 25.50 gram.


Pre-Workout+ is the most affordable and includes the most premium (–)-epicatechin supplement on the market today for assisting in the muscle building process. The flavor of the pre-workout+ and the (–)-epicatechin infusion provide extra pump and benefits to take your workout to the next level.

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