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Androgenin: Laxogenin liquid, reviews, results, for sale

Androgenin: Laxogenin liquid, reviews, results, for sale

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This blog will teach you everything you need to know about androgenin, including where it got its name and how it works. Some comments on "before and after" will also be displayed here.

Androgenin: Andro + Laxogenin

Androgenin is the best andro natural anabolic supplement that combines the properties of laxogenin in liquid to create a fast-absorbing liquid product for human consumption.

Is androgenin a prohormone

Although androgenin contains the term "andro," it is not a true andro product and thus is not a prohormone supplement. Users do not need to be concerned about the problem of cycling on and off. Users do not need to be concerned about any estrogenic side effects.

Androgenin: How to use

Using androgenin is relatively simple, and, according to customer feedback, it is actually more convenient than all other muscle-building supplements on the market.

Usage direction:

  1. Turn the vial cap counter-clockwise to open it.
  2. Squeeze the rubber to pull the liquid in.
  3. Apply pressure to the rubber until the liquid level reaches the 1 ml graduation mark.
  4. Take the dropper into the month
  5. Apply pressure to release the liquid from the dropper and take it orally or sublingually.

Androgenin: Best laxogenin supplement

5 alpha hydroxy laxogenin has extremely poor solubility, as we mentioned earlier in our laxogenin blog post. The product's bioavailability cannot be increased through the use of power, capsules, or pills. However, liquid formulations can dissolve and micro-ionize laxogenin molecules, allowing them to pass through human tissue and dissolve into the bloodstream.

Laxogenin dosage timing

Each 1 mL contains 100 mg of excellent quality 5 alpha hydroxy laxogenin compound. The compound has the highest amount of absorption and rate during the morning running on an empty stomach.

According to Mega Muscles customers, laxogenin works best when taken at a dose of 2 mL on training days and 1 mL on rest days. Taking 2 mL on training days can increase recovery speed and reduce muscle tissue repair time.

For 2 mL, separate the doses in the morning and at night if possible. To maximize recovery, users may want to have one dose before the training.

Androgenin reviews

Androgenin's main active ingredient compound is 5 alpha hydroxy laxogenin, which promotes lean muscle development, shortens muscle recovery time, aids in fat burning, and provides joint healing benefits. All of these advantages stem from the source of this wonderful ingredient, the Laxogenin plant. Therefore, it is good for PCT uses as well.

How long it will work

This is the most common question on the minds of all customers. Mega Muscles will reveal the truth about this. “It will work” for every customer who regularly goes to the gym. Not one day, two days, or three days because it is not a magical god-created product. If you truly believe it will not work for you, please contact us to request a refund and you will not lose any money on your purchase – a full refund is available.

Before and after

Another crucial topic is the “before and after” aspect of any muscle-building product, right? Yes!


Mega Muscles will show you why you don't need to spend time googling "before and after" pictures.

Every company produces a product of varying quality. This means that the quality of laxogenin produced by each company varies. Everyone has a unique body type, weight, daily lifestyle, and workout routine. Everyone eats different foods every day, and everyone burns different calories every day. Why do you need to spend time determining "before and after"?

Because time is valuable, please do not waste it searching for this topic. You will not and will never get the correct answer. Just give it you’re a try when it comes to working out. If you believe you require assistance from something that can help you achieve your goal faster, all of our products can provide you with that advantage. Simply send us an email to request a refund if you believe they are wasting your money.


The product result is very promising because our engineers were able to make the product purer than 98.5 percent. When purchasing laxogenin from Mega Muscles, users can get the most bang for their buck.

1st week

Users will notice that their muscle soreness has reduced and their recovery time has been shortened. This is due to the product's ability to prevent protein breakdown in muscular cells during strenuous exercise.

2nd week

Users will notice that joint pain is reduced, which is the reason why androgenin is also best for PCT.

3rd week

Users will notice that their workout results are more noticeable than simply training naturally.

Is androgenin safe

Absolutely! The ingredient in Androgenin is plant-based 100% all natural supplement and we never receive any issues from customers.

Androgenin side effect

You can learn more about the detail (e.g., side effect) at here.

Androgenin for sale

Androgenin is not available for purchase as a standalone product. However, in the following section, you will learn where to buy androgenin or a substitute for it.

Androgenin on amazon

Androgenin, unfortunately, is not available on Amazon. Androgenin is not available on Amazon Marketplace or from any Amazon third-party seller.

Androgenin alternative on ebay

Yes, an androgenin alternative was listed on eBay by a seller who is highly rated by real customer reviews. On eBay, you can find androgenin alternatives by clicking on the following link:

Androgenin alternative offered by Mega Muscles

Androgenin substitute – "Laxogin" is an excellent best laxogenin product on the market because it contains more than 98.5 percent 5 alpha hydroxy laxogenin as the main active ingredient in a fast-acting flavored formulation.

Advantages of laxogin:

Laxogin is the highest of the highest quality laxogenin product designed and manufactured by Mega Muscles’ engineering team.

Dissolved evenly

All high purity 5 alpha hydroxy laxogenin molecules dissolved evenly and are highly micro-ionized to ensure all doses taken from the liquid are linearly equal.

No sticky residue

Laxogin doesn’t have any resident once finishing the product. It means that the formulation of our laxogenin products is highest grade available on the planet.

Online for sale

You can find the androgenin alternative for sale at the following link:

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