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Product Information

Laxogin is a plant-based cutting-edge anabolic muscle growth supplement for both genders of all ages. It aids in fat breakdown while also continuously synthesizing newly absorbed protein to form new muscle cells, thereby accelerating recovery and lean muscle growth.

The main ingredient 5α-hydroxy-laxogenin is extracted from a plant stem of Smilax sieboldii (not artificially synthesized), which is known for its natural steroidal saponins to stimulate the growth of living cells. Steroidal saponins are a group of naturally occurring compounds that primarily exist as secondary metabolites in plant species. Recent studies have suggested that steroidal saponins also possess significant anti-cancer capabilities.

  • Burn fat and accelerate muscle growth
  • Significantly increase in protein synthesis rate (> 200%)
  • Significantly reduce protein breakdown from excessive exercise
  • Improve cholesterol levels
  • Joint support and pain relief
  • Reduce muscle soreness after exercise and improve recovery
  • Accelerate anabolism (promote faster synthesis and growth of new cells)
Laxogenin Liquid

Use in both bulking and cutting cycles.

Each 30 mL vial lasts for 30 days. Shake well and take 1 mL orally daily before workouts, including on rest days. For maximum effectiveness, take 1 mL in the morning, afternoon, and nighttime, not exceeding 3 mL daily. For best absorption, take on an empty stomach

Ensure sufficient exercise, hydration, and protein intake daily.

Most current muscle growth products can't help build muscle while burning fat. They may contain necessary protein but also have high cholesterol, fat, and sometimes caffeine, which can disrupt sleep. In contrast, Laxogin helps burn fat, improves cholesterol levels, and accelerates protein synthesis, making it an excellent addition to your daily protein intake. It also significantly enhances recovery, reducing soreness after intense workouts.

Building lean muscle requires bulking (eating more for muscle growth) and cutting (eating less for fat loss), which are typically incompatible goals. Traditional products don't allow simultaneous muscle building and fat burning. Laxogin increases metabolic rate, improving the efficiency of both bulking and cutting cycles.

As a natural supplement, Laxogin doesn't disrupt hormone balance and is suitable for both men and women. Within a month, you'll notice more efficient muscle development and better protein utilization from your diet.

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