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Product Information

Laxogin is a plant-based cutting-edge anabolic muscle growth supplement for men and women of all ages. It aids in fat breakdown while also continuously synthesizing newly absorbed protein to form new muscle cells, thereby accelerating lean muscle growth.

The contained compound in this product is extracted from an all-natural plant stem (not artificially synthesized), which is the main element that stimulates growth of living cells.

Laxogenin Liquid


  • Burn fat and accelerate muscle growth
  • Significantly increase in protein synthesis rate (> 200%)
  • Significantly reduce protein breakdown from excessive exercise
  • Improve cholesterol levels
  • Joint support and pain relief
  • Reduce muscle soreness after exercise and improve recovery
  • Accelerate anabolism (promote faster synthesis and growth of new cells)

Laxogin can give you great result in both bulking and cutting cycle. So you can take it whenever you're on bulking and cutting cycle.

The truth is that the current muscle growth products on the market cannot allow us to build muscle while also burning fat. They simply cannot assist you in gaining lean muscle mass faster. They do contain protein, which is necessary for muscle growth, but they also have a lot of cholesterol and fat. Caffeine is also present in some products, making users difficult to sleep. In contrast, laxogin not only helps you burn fat, but it also improves your cholesterol level and speeds up protein synthesis, making it an excellent supplement to your daily protein intake. Furthermore, the most beneficial result is a significant improvement in your rate of recovery to relieve soreness after intense exercise.

Bulking and cutting are daily goals for building lean muscle. We need to eat more for muscle growth and less for fat loss, which cannot coexist. However, today's products DO NOT PERMIT US TO BUILD AND BURN AT THE SAME TIME. For us, this is the most troubling fact. We need to burn fat while preserving muscle. The only thing that can be done is raise the metabolic rate, as the efficiency of each building and cutting cycle is greatly improved.

Because it is a natural supplement, Laxogin does not disrupt the body's hormone balance. It is equally appropriate for both men and women. In a month or so, you will notice that muscle development is more efficient, and that the protein in your diet is being used to gain muscle.

Each vial contains 30 mL of supplements that are good for 30 days. Please shake well and take a dropper size (approximately 1 mL) before working out every day. It is also required on rest days. Depending on users' preference, take 1 mL at the morning, 1 mL at the afternoon and 1 mL at the nighttime to achieve maximum effectiveness of the product. Please don't exceed 3 mL daily. Take it orally. The absorption rate will be highest if taking it on an empty stomach.

Besides having enough workout, taking a lot of water, enough protein and amino acid every day are required. Laxogin does not have any hormones' effect, so it is required to take it everyday.

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